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SPElements Quick Browser for SharePoint is an Android application for browsing SharePoint. You can download it directly from the Android Market.

Main features:
  • Browse sites, lists & folders.
  • View, edit, delete & add list items.
  • View & delete documents.
  • Quick access to sites/lists/folders.
  • Requirements: Android 1.5+, WSS3/WSS4/SPS2007/SPS2010/SharePoint Online (partial support for WSS2/SPS2003).
  • User Manual

Privileges Requirements

SPElements Android applications for SharePoint utilizes the Microsoft SharePoint web services in order to access SharePoint.
The security on these web services requires the user be a member of a Site Group with the Browse Directories site privileges.
In SharePoint 2007, the Reader Site Group is the only group not having this right by default.
It should be added if members of the Readers group are expected to use SPElements Android applications.

The following steps describe how the Brose Directory right is added to the Readers group of a site [SharePoint 2007 or WSS3]:

  1. In the Site Actions menu, in the Site Settings sub menu, select People and Groups.
  2. 2. Click Site Permissions on the bottom left.
  3. 3. In the Settings menu, select Permission Levels.
  4. 4. Click the permission to which you would like to add browsing, in our case Read.
  5. 5. Check Browse Directories - Enumerate files and folders in Web site using SharePoint Designer and Web DAV interfaces.
  6. 6. Click Save.

Connectivity issues

401: Unauthorized -

  1. Wrong URL
  2. Wrong username/password
  3. User does not have the required privileges

403: Unauthorized - The SharePoint requires a secure connection. Type the URL with HTTPS prefix (e.g. https://www.contoso.com)

Can not connect to SharePoint Online
The username you are using to logon to SharePoint Online is not the real domain username that you should use. To find out the real user name:

  1. Enter SharePoint Online
  2. "Site Actions" -> "Site Settings"
  3. On the left, in “Users and Permissions” -> “People and Groups”
  4. Select the desired user
  5. The “true” user name is under “Account”, under the format [domain]\[username]

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