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Viewing SharePoint internals remotely

From time to time I need to find information about SharePoint server internals for the various product developments. There’s one very popular product called SharePoint Manager 2007 which is very good but requires to be run from the SharePoint server. I was looking for a simple tool, without server installation, that will get the information. I found few tools:  without running on the server. I found few (free) tools such as SharePoint Explorer Client 2.0 add-in for IE (but I use Firefox).

After looking a bit I’ve decided to try and write something quickly, and so came SPElements Remote Explorer for SharePoint – a simple tree navigation tool thats uses SharePoint standard web services to browse SharePoint internals. As a side effect, it can also browse SharePoint Live since there’s no server side installation.

The privileges needed from the user are minimal (read access & remote interfaces access) with anyone with standard role as contributor or above got them (you can even add it to the ‘Read’ role). You can open the tree directly in a specific site so there’s no need to have the permission for the entire farm, just for a specific site.

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